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The lucky 8 cue

I was lucky enough to win the super rare "lucky 8 cue". They wanted 77,777 coins to re-charge it. I wanted to check it out, so I purchased a coin pack, & re-charged it. I played like 3 games, then it tells me I'm out of charge, & need another 77,777 coins to re-charge it. Totally effin ridiculous. Are they serious ?


  • AgentCueballAgentCueball Posts: 9,722
    not really, if they have over 500M coins balance ... I have a lucky 8 cue as well and I use it for my last shot, the 8 ball, if ones is taunting me and I put them in shame :)
  • dontat2dontat2 Posts: 1
    i got one shot out of mine and now needs recharged. it says it has the normal 50 shots in it. but it doesnt
  • AgentCueballAgentCueball Posts: 9,722
    dontat2 wrote: »
    i got one shot out of mine and now needs recharged. it says it has the normal 50 shots in it. but it doesnt

    you will have to contact the miniclip support team : on a computer web browser ... at the top right corner ...
    ... submit "Request a ticket" ... tell them about it ...
  • Loulou1025177aLoulou1025177a Posts: 461 Pool Pro
    I've seen quite a few dissatisfied players with that "Lucky cue"
  • Nanny OggNanny Ogg Growing Old DisgracefullyPosts: 10,440 Pool Forum Veteran
    I've yet to meet a satisfied one.
  • wafflepiratewafflepirate ring rash roadPosts: 636 Pool Expert
    Im a satisfied lucky 8 cue person.....yep :D
  • SajakainSajakain Posts: 23
    I still say I was "bugged" out of mine. Playing on Android, my spin landed on it and then, suddenly, the game locked up. In an effort to screenshot the spin wheel, the game was minimized instead and, when I brought it back up, it randomly said I won 120 coins.

    I've seen one player, in my time of playing, with the lucky 8 cue on Android. (I rarely play on the PC). Up until that point I've swore that the spin wheel was rigged to never land on it. (Unless that ONE player won it on the web version).

    I suppose it doesn't matter now - Android has a different spin wheel and I never see the Lucky cue even available to win.
  • wafflepiratewafflepirate ring rash roadPosts: 636 Pool Expert
  • wafflepiratewafflepirate ring rash roadPosts: 636 Pool Expert
    made ya look
  • Tammy69024aTammy69024a Posts: 302 Pool Pro
    The Lucky 8 cue, wonder if there's a way we could trade it in for a refund towards something more practical. I must say it sure looks nice in the trophy cabinet with all the others. :) :# lol
  • Anas MessiAnas Messi Posts: 1 New Member
    yes locky 8 cue
  • Hugh Jass KodaHugh Jass Koda Posts: 43 Pool Player
    I've been lucky enough to have won it twice! I feel it's meant to be a "boobie prize". I read a thread on this forum some years ago where a guy explained how it was a "boobie prize" and not meant to be a good prize. His theory that he showed made perfect sense although I can't remember any of it now. I'll try to locate that thread and update here with a link to it if I find it again.
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,526 Pool Champion
    I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole lol. ;) Now there's an idea for a new cue MC!!!! :joy:
  • S1LVE3RS1LVE3R Posts: 17 Pool Player
    Lucky man
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