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highest win streak



  • Nineballina GeNineballina Ge Posts: 356 Pool Pro
    d4ve_tv wrote: »
    No guidelines and having to call your pockets kinda sorta level the playing field? Maybe not? :wink:


    on my alt account (first thing you might notice about the account if you followed my 100 game challenge thread is that the account was on 9 mil, think i got it to 10, so there's obv been a BIT of a drop lol, so if you're wondering why, well........YOU!!! :D when carl highlighted i was moving up too quick cos of the legendaries i was hoping you would use your chart to find the best cue i could log into the pc version with my bankroll, and buy but when you didnt get back to me, well you can imagine where this is going being the cue hoarder i am lol, i just went on pc version and spent 8 mil on loads of cues, none of which i needed or helped in the slightest helping me solve mt problem :D :D )

    anyway wanted to start playing tourneys on this account, finally, but was a bit worried, had worked hard to keep the stats half decent on this account, not throw away games or play drunk, tired atc like i do on my main account, so thought i'd play 9ball tourneys as probs my favorite game, so to warm up i played the lowest level dallas games, i figure small buy in no pressure, and call the pockets so removes a lot of the luck element from it and this is the run i went on............


    the best 9 ball run i've ever been on by far, and yes you're right, even at the lowest levels if this was at not the call the pockets 9ball then 100% no way could i get this run, the luck element id too high, and someone would've just smashed the balls up in a tricky spot and would up fluking the 9

    so i do think that if you think there's a luck element to the game, and it's probably far more accentuated in 9ball, then the nominated pockets games hugely remove this element and i suppose to an extent it's the same for no lines

    but what i would say is, the system seems to be a bit flawed at that level, never really played the lowest levels 9 ball, not since i fist started playing anyway and was a low ranked player as well, but as an 80 ranked player in that run i went on they put me against level 7, 12, 17 25 and 32 ranked players?

    that seems fundamentally wrong and a bit unfair tbh, dont get me wrong i'll take the winning streak, will be one for the scrap book lol the clearences still had to be made but, and i'll give you an example of this in a minute, if you do this in the long term it's not really real is it, it's sort of cheating?

    but you'll never move up, your game wont improve and i cant see that not being competitive when you do bump into good players because you've been constantly playing rubbish players is any fun at all?

    and it's the same for no lines, i'm terrible at it, i kinda like it it can be fun but i think ive got like 3 or 4 rings at it, and they're all lower levels that i've played, and this is on my main account, where im like 190 and you get put against a much lower level player, which is actually a help for me because when i play i'm trying to practice at no lines and improve my game, i'm still trying to combine potting AND position :D :D it really did take me a while to catch on how to line the balls up

    deciding to get a Beijing ring on my alt account i set off playing the lower levels and bump into this guy


    the thing i suppose that jumps out is his overall winnings, and from the amount of games won and win % at a glance you assume it's billion, no i can assure you its million

    i dont know how it's even mathematically possible to have played that many matches and only have that amount, unless he's played EVERY single game at the lowest possible level

    and he was not a great, even good player tbh, i'm i'm no no lines player so am not in a great position to say, i think @Obel Putiah can confirm my (lack of) no line skills :D

    so to me he's just cheating himself, but maybe it makes him happy, he's happy at that level and that's it, doesnt care what the account looks like, you'd think that was probably the case if he wasnt a black diamond account which makes me think he probs does care just a little but about how it looks to others ;)

    so i dunno, yeah it can even the playing field out but i suppose people will always find a way to tip that balance back again :)

  • Obel PutiahObel Putiah Posts: 45 Pool Player
    Lol. You're great in no guideline but unlucky not showing when we play 😂
  • Nineballina GeNineballina Ge Posts: 356 Pool Pro
    Lol. You're great in no guideline but unlucky not showing when we play 😂

    this is by far the nicest and most tactful way that someone has ever called me rubbish :D
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