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Cheating in 8 Ball Pool

Raquel OliveiraRaquel Oliveira Posts: 1,515 admin
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At Miniclip we wish to provide our users with a fair and entertaining environment and so we take cheating and game exploitation very seriously.

As such, all game modifications and use of game exploits ARE tracked by our system.

Our system can track what game exploits were used, when that first began and how many times they were used. That, however, does not mean we will provide you with that information at any point, nor are we obliged to do so.

If you receive a warning or a flag in your account, that means that your coin balance has been removed from your account, and your Total Winnings stat will be reset, but you can carry on playing. However, if your account is tracked again, it will be banned permanently.

At a first warning, our system will allow you to continue to play our games, provided that you do not use any cheat or game exploitation again.

At Miniclip, we trust our users to be held responsible for their own accounts. Your account is your own, not to be shared with others. As such, any actions taken in your account will be seen as actions taken by you.

If your account was Permanently Banned it will not be re-opened, deleted or any details changed to it. The email associated with that account will not be usable to create a new account.

For more information on this matter, please view our article: Cheating in 8 Ball Pool

Play the game as it’s meant to be played and have fun.
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