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Forum FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the forum’s etiquette?
“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

Why do I have to log in to post on the Forum?
For you to participate in the 8 Ball Pool community, you must first be part of that community.

I forgot my password.
Don’t panic. We cannot retrieve your password, but we can reset it. To do this, see our Knowledge Base article.

If you used your Miniclip ID to register with the forum, then your password is the same as you use to login to your Miniclip account. If you’ve forgotten your Miniclip password, you can reset it by following this link.
If you used your Facebook login to register with the forum, then you don’t need a password to use the forum. Just go to and login. Come back to the forum and choose Sign in with Facebook. If you’ve forgotten your Facebook password, Facebook can reset this for you.

I cannot sign in.
Registration and use of the forum is age-restricted.

If you are of age, then first check you are using the correct email and password. If you are using Facebook sign in, ensure the details match your account. If you are using your Miniclip ID and still can't sign-in, try going to and see if the same email and password work there.

How do I create a post on the forum?
Start by going to the section you want to post in (Community, Feedback) and then click on the option in blue ‘New Discussion’ on the top left. Add a Title to your post and then write what you have to share!

I cannot post in certain sections of the forum, why?
Only moderators are able to post on sections like Forum Rules or News.

My signature isn’t working.
At the moment our signatures feature is disabled. We hope to enable it in a future release.

How can I edit my profile?
After signing in, go to the top right hand corner of the page and click on the cog wheel. Then choose “Edit Profile”.

How do I change my Forum username?
Currently, that feature is disabled and usernames are not able to be changed.

How can I change my profile picture?
When you change your Facebook image profile or your Miniclip ID image profile, it will automatically change your profile picture on the Forum.

Can I send a private message to other Forum users?
Yes, you can do this by clicking on that person’s username, or by going to the ‘Inbox’ button at the top of the page. These messages are private, but the Forum Rules still apply to their content. If you feel someone is breaching these rules in a private message, you can use the ’Report’ function to alert our Moderators.

I’ve got a great idea for something that will make the Forum even better! How can I share it?
We appreciate all feedback and ideas. If you have an idea for something that could benefit the Forum, please create a post on our Feedback section, and write everything down. Maybe you will even see it implemented!

What happens when you click on “Flag” beneath a post?
That post or comment will be up for review by one of the Forum Moderators. They will decide if it is appropriate or not. Please only flag posts that you believe are in breach of the Forum Rules.

Why was my post / comment deleted?
Forum Moderators may edit or delete any posts or comments that they find are in breach of the Forum Rules.

I do not agree with a ban / warning I received.
As explained in the Forum Rules, all sanctions are at the sole discretion of Miniclip and its staff.

Can I post an image in a thread / post?
You can indeed. Click on the ’Attach an image /file’ option when creating a post to add a picture.

I received a warning, what does that mean?
It means that some behavior you demonstrated on the Forum was deemed as inappropriate. Please check our Forum Rules section.

How do I edit or delete a post?
You can only edit or delete your own posts. Do so by opening the post and then click on the cog wheel to the left, choosing the option Edit or Delete.

How does copyright of posts works?
The copyright of a post remains with the user posting it. However, by using the forum every user grants a royalty-free license to miniclip to use the post in any way it wishes. It also means that a user cannot demand the removal of one of their posts.

I've hidden a category, how do I get it back?
Easy, just click HERE to un-hide all categories and see everything again.
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