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8 Ball Pool: Bug Report Thread



  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,096 Pool Forum VIP
    edited May 9
    Hello I am bobby. aka CowboyBonusBob. 3days ago i played new 8Ball Pool all day long. Now i it will not load on Firefox Chrome or Internet Explorer. Also having a problem downloading Windows updates.
    Probably related. Any body having the same problem?

    Everything is working fine on my end.... ;) ....West Coast, USA... :*

    You could always try a force shutdown to see if it fixes the issue:


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  • LifeEternalLifeEternal Posts: 503 Pool Pro
    A couple of days ago the new 8 ball pool Started running in slow motion from the time it loaded untill game ended. Affected play in 8ball and 9ball. I did
    virus check with spy bot. I ran a cleaner in files and registry. Didn't find any major. Still running real slow on all browsers. Any one else with the same problem?

    Hello Bobby,

    Vivaldi browser a good alternative for Chrome,Firefox and Edge.I am an Opera browser user.8 months after now perfect work new version beta.Maybe update after Opera work,maybe MC programmers solved Opera browser upload problems but i am happy now.Opera browser for me the best browser.Vivaldi browser the other good alternative.Try...

  • nightznightz Posts: 1 New Member
    the game new version in pc (web mode) after reach 100% it turns black and nothing happens.
    And why does the same login doesn't work to resume game in via mobile or via pc?
    Cause in mobile after login resumes the save, in pc after the same login starts as a new player lvl1.
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