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Tournament time bank exploiters

I've run into one and it took me completely by surprise. He had a very high tournament win rate but not that many games played.

At first, it seemed like any other opponent until we got the balls spread out on the table. At some point he just started making strange 'mistakes'. He would hit one of his balls in a way to get the white 'hidden' so that I did not have a clear shot at any of mine. He kept doing that very quickly, each turn until my time bank was empty and he won.

Is there a way to report/play against these guys? This is just as good as cheating to win and it's extremely frustrating.


  • William MillsWilliam Mills Posts: 161 Pool Pro
    unfortunately, you will run into those kinda people, however if they misinterpret their safety shot, deny them hard.
  • omgsunomgsun Posts: 2,239 Pool Champion
    Its not cheating.
  • chris0672chris0672 Posts: 1 New Member
    It is cheating. The purpose of the game is to win by playing good and better that the opponent. Using this kind of practice is not officially cheating on 8 ball pool, but what's the point to face someone who refuse to play and will win without potting balls? Where's the fun of facing someone who just refuse the game? Like tecnico de lavarropas for example. These players just remove the fun of the game. It's very frustrating to face people like that.
  • d4ve_tvd4ve_tv Posts: 190 Pool Pro
    Technically it's not cheating because they are playing within the parameters of the game which are to win before the timer runs out. How they do it is another form of strategy. I may not necessarily agree with it, but it's another way to win a game.
  • TrickshotGrampsTrickshotGramps Posts: 21 Pool Player
    I agree 1000 % with "cucubits" !! I have had several people cheat by not playing fairly; they will not even try to make a shot in the hopes that their opponent will take his/her time in trying to make a shot, resulting in that opponent running out of time. Those who don't want to play fairly should be banned..........look at it this way: if this were a game being played by even a few friends, much less professional players, and one of the players pulled the stunts that these time wasters do on 8 ball pool, then there would be a lot of anger and in a professional game, the offender would be removed.........8 ball pool should abide by the same professional rules !!
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