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Calling all Lads & Ladettes

LadyGeveLadyGeve Posts: 1,715 Pool Champion
edited May 2016 in Community
Welcome all Lads and Ladettes :)

This thread has been going for several months now, and has been a great success.
If you are reading this revamped first post for the first time, then
I would like to explain the intention behind it...

Simply it is a place to make new friends with the added bonus of playing 8ball
with the opposite gender, in a competitive and fun way :)
There are no time restraints, simply pop in and see who is available, and if you play
against the opposite gender, then please post the score.
How many racks or which cues or style of play etc., is agreed between you and your opponent.

However, there is one rule we all agree to in here...
"Have fun!"



Over-all Winners for 2015: Lads
CONGRATULATIONS to @Deimos666 gaining 100 points against Ladettes

2016 :

@Nanny Ogg claims January's star Ladette with a huge 29 victories.

* (29) NannyOgg
* (17) FatimaKhan & KatyKittyX
* (08) AdamTryTheApples

@Nicolai Mohammed @The Titan - @Aliyan Chaudhary tie with 14 victories to claim January's star lad.

* (14) Nicolai Mohammed / The Titan / Aliyan Chaudary
* (13) SilentRay
* (11) M V Satya Mohan

@KatyKittyX scores the 100th milestone victory for the Ladettes.


@Nanny Ogg gets the 10,000th post in Lads and Ladettes!

Valentines special: Lads win :) well done Lads!

BBB Now up and running...put simply, it is Bucks, Bunnies and Beginners cue. Don't play with any other cue or you automatically forfeit your game ;)

Lads and Ladettes One Year Old Birthday event! 19th May
Conclusion was @AMAZING-XRISI versus @Sunidhifan and XRISI won!!!!!!

Ladettes hold the crown!
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