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SEPTEMBER 2016 Champion's league pool tournament

Paulb228Paulb228 Posts: 5,872 Pool Forum VIP
edited August 2016 in Tournaments
Current champions from August. DarkLordRises on PC & 10K on MOBILE.
Will any of the young pretenders take the titles away from these guys ?

The tournament is open to any forum user except those who have signed up for previous tournaments, but didn't bother to show.
You must be available within the first two weeks of September.

The tournament is played in two parts. The first part is a league, with every player drawn into a league, You play everyone within your league. The top 2 progress to the next stage, the knockout stage.

Any cue
8ball, and 8 ball rules ( as used on miniclip pool)
Fluke shots are allowed.
Ball in hand will only be given if you run out of time.
Best of 12 ( which will mean you could draw 6-6)
So a winning score can be 7-0, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 7-5
A draw will be 6-6
You get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss ( like in football)

League stage
People will be drawn into leagues using the dartboard method ( I'll explain what this is after people have signed up)
Each league will have 3 or more players ( depending on how many enter)
Finalist from the August tournament will be seeded to avoid each other in the league stage.
After the league's are completed, The first two players in each league go into the knockout stage.
The third place players may have a chance to join another league ( or progress to the knockout stage, this is dependant on how many enter and is at my discretion).
If players are on the same number of points after the league games are completed, then the following will apply.
1. Head to head score between players on same points.
2. Number of games won in total
3. Fewest games lost
4. A separate one off game between the two players until a differential of 2 is achieved ( see me for rules on breaking)

Player A 9pts
Player B 4pts
Player C 4pts
Player D 0pts

Player A would go through to the knockout stage, players B & Chave the same number of points ( from one win and one draw)
Their head to head was a draw, however player B won 17 games ( 7 against player D, 6 against C & 4 against A) and player C only won 15 ( 7 against D, 6 against B and 2 against A). So player B would go onto the knockout.

The knockout stage
This will be best of 12 as before. However, in the event of the game finishing 6-6, you continue to play until there is a differential of 2.
If a knockout games reaches 6-6, then the break MUST be by hitting the front ball of the pack (to try to avoid contains denials)

Quarterfinals ( this may change, depending on how many people enter the tournament)
Winner A v runner up B
Winner B v runner up A
Winner C v runner up D
Winner D v runner up C

QF1 v QF 3
QF 2 v QF 4

Winner of semi-final

To enter
Simply post your name on here and put the format you play
Once I have 16 eligible players that league format will be drawn and then started.

There will be two tournaments running simultaneously. One for mobile players and one for PC.
A play may enter both tournaments, but only one entry per format. ie Paulb228 mobile . Paulb228 PC

Any disputes. I will have final ruling


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