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Bored of finding challenges from players? Tired of repetitive 1-on-1 and tournament plays? If you are looking for something new, this place is right for you! Select one of the challenges below to get started!
8 Ball Pool
Extreme-Pocketing Challenge
No-Rail Challenge
Recorded Denial Challenge
Speed Denial - Cushion
Speed Denial - Standard
Scores and Points
Quick Fire Pool
Challenge Legend Keys
◈ - videos only
Challenge Ideas and Suggestions
Have any new idea or thought for the new challenge? Either post yours here or PM me, following the guidelines!
  • Challenges must involve either Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool or Quick Fire Pool. I suggest you to look through each of the challenges before you submit your idea.
  • Your idea must include specific rules (no loopholes!) in English that players can understand. I will spot-check each detail to see whether it needs adjusting or not.
  • You may also include bonuses as shown in Quick Fire Pool. More bonuses mean more opportunities to try out! Don't be afraid to include them!
  • Any challenge that solely involves two players does not belong in this thread. Use this thread.
  • The challenge should be unique and refreshing to the viewers. No duplicate idea will be accepted.

If accepted, the new thread will be created under Community category. Otherwise, it seems that they don't follow the above guidelines.
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