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8 Ball Legends - Only Post Web Screenshots/Videos Containing 10k+ Wins!

kunal908kunal908 Posts: 3,606 Pool Champion
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Welcome to the 8 Ball Legends thread!
8 Ball Legend Spreadsheet (Restored)

As of August 21, 2015, Michael made the following notes for users to keep the thread nice and clean:
  1. To post a legend's stats, either post a video, image or website to the stats. If you can't find the latest stats, post what you have so far!
  2. In order for a legend's stats to be included in a spreadsheet, it needs to contain the following:
    • Name (if possible)
    • Number of wins
    • Total number of played games
    • ID (optional, but recommended to determine the specific user)
    As of the weekly competition updates, since the mobile stats accidentally count the tournament wins twice toward the total number of wins, please upload the screenshot of the web stats. Any mobile stats will not be updated in the spreadsheet.
  3. Each and every screenshot is checked before being included in the sheet. In addition, stats should be legitimate, providing either that the legend does not exploit the game in any way, or that they are not photo-edit. If the stats are incorrect due to any game update or any explainable reason, please provide the screenshot.
  4. If you are suspicious of any stats, please contact Customer Support: There is nothing else we can do to solve the issue instantly.
  5. When posting screenshot, do not multi-post as this unnecessarily clogs the thread page. If you feel that your post takes up too much space, create the Spoiler. Type the following
  6. If you truly have any reasonable comment for any stats, please do so! You may also want to share some info about the legend! ;)
How to Quickly Find a Legend

Note that not all legend-searching methods are treated equally. There are users who can find faster than others. Here is the list of ways to find one in less than an hour:
  1. Legends commonly play 1-on-1 matches between London and Jakarta tiers. Currently, there are many London, Sydney, Moscow, and Tokyo matches played by legends. In fact, those are the tiers you should visit to play a quick match!
  2. You can join any in-game tournament to find a legend. However, since it will take around 6-30 minutes for you to leave/win the tournament, finding a legend is very slow. Thus, it's very convenient to find one by waiting for the legend's name to appear on top of the main screen. Please check his/her profile if there is any change in the stats!
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