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The Mini's, Forum Awards - COMING SOON

TetsumonchiTetsumonchi Forum ModeratorScotlandPosts: 1,458 mod
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The Mini's
End of Year Forum Awards
12th - 18th December 2016

Welcome to the Greatest Show on the Forums!
On 12th December, The Mini's is coming to the 8 Ball Pool Forums. The Mini's is an end-of-year awards competition that aims to recognize members' outstanding contributions to the forums and the game, as well as their individual talents. It originated on the old Miniclip Forums and ran for four consecutive years until that forum's closure. The winner of each category receives a coveted golden Mini's statuette for their player page. This will be the first time these have been up for grabs since 2011.

The Awards
The award categories in The Mini's competition are listed below. Statuettes can be won for the "Main Awards" and "Artistic Awards" categories, however none are issued for the "Other Awards" category.
Main Awards
Member of the Year
8 Ball Pool Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Staff Member of the Year

Artistic Awards
Best YoMe
Best Traditional Art
Best Computer Art
Best Photograph
Best Literature

Other Awards - no statuette awarded.
Thread of the Year
Forum Event of the Year
Just-For-Fun-Awards - 40 light-hearted and humorous titles, ranging from " Forum Couple" to " Most Grumpy".

Structure of the Competition

Submissions Stage (pre-competition)
On Monday 28th November I will open up submissions for the Artistic Awards. These include best yome, traditional artwork, digital art, photography and literature. Members are permitted to make up to 5 entries each, per award - allowing you to make up to 25 submissions in total for that category. A submissions thread will be pinned in the Community section of the forums, and will contain further details.

Nominations Stage
The competition opens at 12am GMT on Monday 12th December with the nominations stage. The nominations stage lasts for 3 days and members are allowed to nominate up to 5 members per category. Likewise with the artistic category, they are allowed to nominate up to 5 entries per award, out of the lists of submissions for that award.

Voting Stage
The voting stage shall commence at 12am GMT on Thursday 15th December. The nominations are counted up and the top 5 members/entries for each category proceed to this stage. Sometimes, in the event of a tie in nominations, there may be more than 5 finalists. The voting stage is a direct vote between those 5 (or so) finalists and the winner receives the title and award for that category.

Should there be a tie for 1st place in a category, we move on to a tie-break and a direct vote between the remaining 2 finalists takes place. The tie-break typically remains open for 18 hours, taking us up to the evening of the final day and the posting of the Awards Thread.

Awards Ceremony
This red carpet event place on the 7th and final day of The Mini's. At around 6pm that evening, the results thread is posted, listing the winners and runners up of each category and their total votes. Members are invited to make an acceptance speech if they wish, and the dress code is strictly formal - I've got my tuxedo ready. ;) Shortly thereafter, I will send a list of the winners to Miniclip, and they will add the Mini's Statuette to those person's player pages. We're also looking into something additional for the winner of Member of the Year, as the main award in the competition.

Additional Information
A short set of forum rules designed to minimize the potential for cheating will be revealed at the opening of the competition. Members will have the opportunity to submit their nominations and votes publicly or privately. Please read the submissions thread and nominations threads carefully for extra information concerning submitting or about a particular award. The competition will take place within its own sub-forum that will be created by the admins nearer the time. If anyone has any further questions regarding the competition, I am available by PM or you may create a thread. If there ends up being a lot of threads I'll just merge them into general Mini's questions thread.

I wish everyone the very best of luck in the competition, and I look forward to receiving your submissions for the artistic category awards starting from Monday. :grin:

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