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8 Ball Pool in HTML 5 - now in OPEN BETA (Update in 1st post)



  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    G11gaming wrote: »
    Cue still freezing at times... Chrome browser intermittent. ( annoying ) causing miss hits.

    I am on Chrome and my cue freezes when i pull back to hit it with force

    Indeed i noticed @Raquel Oliveira this is becoming a big problem please can your team look into it?
  • *Cheetah Girl**Cheetah Girl* Queen Bee Posts: 3,276 Pool Champion
    There should be an audio too. If you get a challenge you can hear it. The other thing is , if there is a challenge it should tell you if your playing or not. I left couple games because i got challenges. There should be a sign or something that says your in a game. In that way you don't have to leave your current game to accept your challenge.
  • ZogggZoggg Posts: 1,048 Pool Champion
    Still can't hit with full power.
  • Mahatab AliMahatab Ali Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello bhai
  • LifeEternalLifeEternal Posts: 358 Pool Pro
    only the black ball.very easy shot.before my timer stopped,after message waiting for your opponent response,please do not leave match.wait,wait,wait and my opponent play not show you ran of the time.interesting...
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