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BY666BY666 Posts: 11 Pool Player
edited February 19 in Community
I just played Haseena_21. and despite winning just 54% of her 326 games, she has a ranking of 85. How does this work?d7vkuy57noli.jpg


  • *tareko**tareko* Posts: 3,529 Pool Champion
    this is a cheater
    and about ranks if you high tiers you gonna level up so fast
  • boblecoachboblecoach Posts: 358 Pool Pro
    Ranking (levels) has nothing to do with winning or losing.
    It's just how many games and coins you play for.
    I have seen "150" levels with 45%
  • Carl TalesCarl Tales Posts: 574 Pool Expert
    edited August 11
    Just means they've levelled up a few times within the week. Next week the colour will change to red or even blue if they reach level 100 this week
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 263 Pool Pro
    cool thanks. so they were emerald, probably played high tier/high stake games and ranked fast like you said.
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