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Longest Streak 8 Ball PC Champion [NAME: WINS]

*Aurora**Aurora* Posts: 6,561 Pool Forum VIP
edited February 2017 in Tournaments
Let's see if this works here...

I'm a bit lazy writing down the rules, I'll keep them simple.

Post here when you want to start your challenge. The player with the current longest streak will be displayed in thread title. Let's see how far we can get.

Rules: 8 Ball Pool MC rules. Race to 10 win by 2. Any cue.

You can play any forumer as long as the match is agreed in this thread before you start playing. You can play the same opponent only once during the on-going streak attempt. Once you lose you have to start the streak from zero again.

Every time you post to call for games, also post the list of players you have already played. Example:
*Aurora* CHALLENGING with 5 wins from:
Mr Zip


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