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What is something or some place that you remember from your younger years that no longer exists.



  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 5,680 Pool Forum VIP
    Kids being able to play outside in their own yards and neighbors without needing constant vigilance from neighborhood watch..... :/

  • creativehottycreativehotty THE GREAT WHITE NORTHPosts: 1,851 Pool Champion
    i remember that i had written my name in cement when they build this highrise in my hometown, and it was there for the longest time but has now been paved over ... i used to always go back and see it rofl !!!!!!!
  • zip11737azip11737a Posts: 1,614 Pool Champion
    Girls actually wearing dresses every day. (However I approve of tight jeans) >:)
  • safhiresafhire Posts: 1,315 Pool Champion
    edited April 2017
    zip11737a wrote: »
    Girls actually wearing dresses every day. (However I approve of tight jeans) >:)

    Dresses or Skirts! ...not for me ! Will never be seen in one lol ....
  • zip11737azip11737a Posts: 1,614 Pool Champion
    Policemen directing traffic at a busy intersection, before traffic lights.
  • ZX 10 RZX 10 R Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RPosts: 537 Pool Expert
    The trees where I carved my name into the bark .
  • MeNa HurghadaMeNa Hurghada Posts: 1 New Member
    add me 8 ball pool
  • Slartibartfast6Slartibartfast6 Posts: 456 Pool Pro
    Sunidhifan wrote: »
    I would have to say Pay Telephones...... ;)

    They used to be a part of the environment no matter where you were...... :*

    I remember the airports always had whole areas with nothing but pay phones.....last time I was at Portland, OR International Airport I might have counted ten of them throughout
    the facility........sigh... "Kirk to Enterprise" rules walk down a busy city street and no one makes eye contact....all in their own little world with that phone.... :D

    Today it is rare to see them......and when you do, they rarely broken from vandalism....says a LOT about society today me thinks.... :p


    Back in the late 80's / early 90's I marked X's on a folding road map (yet another relic, at that) in my Suzuki Samurai" (and yet another) for all the "drive-up" pay phones that I would spot when driving around town. I gave those things a lot of business. Resourceful laziness I guess...
  • zip11737azip11737a Posts: 1,614 Pool Champion
    2 for a penny candy sticks, 5 cent candy bars, and 6 cent Dr. Pepper from a machine. Also 25 cents to go to the movie theaters. (double features) :)
  • AlynaAlyna Posts: 287 Pool Pro
    Numa numa yei :P
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