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What makes you angry, gets your goat, winds you up?

G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
For me it has to be;

-People who don't say thanks when opening and holding a door for them.

-Queue jumping in shops and on the road.

-People who say " can i get " it's can i have.

-Internet trolls.

-Horses on the roads.


  • KazkatKazkat Posts: 1,287 Pool Champion
  • Abdul-lattīfAbdul-lattīf Posts: 96 Pool Player
    - Potting the cue ball after the 8 ball.
    - Potting the 8 ball when not supposed to.
    - Potting every ball then missing the 8 ball.
    - Being denied.
    - Loosing connection.
    - Picking the wrong pocket.

    What else...
  • omgsunomgsun Posts: 2,239 Pool Champion
    Every time I miss a cutoff by one place or one question in a math competition
  • safhiresafhire Posts: 1,315 Pool Champion
    cyclists side by side on country roads ,
    tractors who drive at 5mph lol
    bad mannered people,
    people who whistle in public ,out of tune ,hehe
    repetative questioning
    spilt sugar = aaargghhh
    people with dirty nails,...= arrghhhh

  • Zanna136Zanna136 Semper ludensPosts: 2,233 Pool Champion
    G11gaming wrote: »

    -People who say " can i get " it's can i have.

    Bu-bu-bu-but... I didn't know that it makes some difference, I'm not native speaker of English.... :frowning: :disappointed:
  • Nanny OggNanny Ogg Growing Old DisgracefullyPosts: 10,888 Pool Forum Veteran
    My own naiveté.
    Finding out that people you thought of as "friends" were actually the exact opposite.
    Sore losers.
    Poor sportsmanship.
    Insects, especially spiders.
    Religion in schools.
    Religion in politics.
    Religion being used as an excuse for bullying, discrimination, assault and murder.

  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    *Aurora* wrote: »
    If I'd be mean, I'd say people, who don't know where to place spaces. ;)


    I can't talk about punctuation because it's different for us.

    What makes me dislike someone is when they only spend time pointing out how good they are instead of just helping someone else, who clearly has problems with something or asks a simple question. Would they be called arrogant people?

    l_0_l. A_u_r_0_r_a .... I _ d_o_n_t k_n_o- w. W_h_a_t. Y_o_,u. M_e_a_n. :joy:
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Secluder.Posts: 3,801 Pool Champion
    Que jumpers, big time.

    Ignorance, as in those who think they are more important than anything ignoring what you have to say.

    Selfie mad people, lol.

    Folks who dont bother leaning the handles out properly when putting a shopping basket down, lol. Yes, i do do the shopping.

    Folks who see the bus coming a mile away, and still wait until they are last on the bus to pull out a whole pile of coins, counting them out cent by cent. Me, i have it ready in my pocket, and straight into the tray when i get on.

    Those who dont slow down when the red light is coming on at the traffic lights, and those who speed up just to beat them, even breaking the lights as they do so. And those who follow them, sometimes 4 to 5 cars in a row driving straight through a red light.

    And my newest pet hate.........Gold diggers.
  • Davy DacueDavy Dacue To He!! and Back.Posts: 2,668 Pool Champion
    Complainers . :D
  • TetsumonchiTetsumonchi Forum Moderator ScotlandPosts: 1,458 mod
    The public (from someone who serves them on a daily basis). :tired_face:
  • The_Striker_25The_Striker_25 Posts: 141 Pool Pro
    Everyone who disturbs my inner peace lol
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    At the moment 8 Ball pool lol. I've lost that winning streak. And I've had to walk away from it. I'm furious lol. :angry:
  • safhiresafhire Posts: 1,315 Pool Champion
    edited April 2017
    Davy Dacue wrote: »
    Complainers . :D

    Lol the right place then...proceed ....hehe ...but no moaning lol ......
  • zip11737azip11737a Posts: 1,614 Pool Champion
    edited April 2017
    Healthy and young people who park in the handicap spaces. I do approach them and give em a "what for". Even worse are their lame excuses, "I won't be long" "I didn't know" etc. :# .....Get a rope!
  • _raoul_raoul Posts: 285 Pool Pro
    edited April 2017
    Definitely the sandwich lady at work. I've worked there 20 years, and so has she. And she still doesn't speak a word of English. You can't get a ham sandwich without a bunch of pantomime over tough words like ham and provolone and mustard.

    Nice lady, though.
  • Cole BrownCole Brown Posts: 1 New Member
    Angry, Angry! Losing is cool. Teaches to become a better player. But, losing without a chance to size a shot on the pool table. This has happened time after time-3ooo+200+200+200+200+4000 coins. Entering into compitition using coins and game starts and I am stuck looking at the bracket and declares opponet the winner! coins taken and did not have a chance to see the felt! That is Anger. I am new to the site and Overcoming the odds( Expert vs Novice. Coin are hard to come by, I do not know promo codes or know where to look for a free pass. I acumilate coinage by Winning!.. Mindseye.... Looking for a Challenge. Good or Bad, Night or Day, With One Foot in the Frying Pan and the othe in the Pressure Cooker. Gonna take it down to chinatown and take the title to title Town!
  • safhiresafhire Posts: 1,315 Pool Champion
    Right now a tournament ..down to the black ball , both of us missing it lol ....lose the game and they have the cheek to say .sorry got to run .!!!!!.. winds me up ...get back ere now !!! Lol
  • mtndew4umtndew4u Posts: 3 New Member
    When a match starts that I did not start and lose all my coins gets my goat !!! Why don't they make the 8 ball game like the 9 ball game so you need too confirm that's the game you won't to be in WHY!!!!
  • safhiresafhire Posts: 1,315 Pool Champion
    People who never listen......who have no intention of listening ..thinking they are right with stupid thoughts that come in their heads .....never trusting or believing
  • Slartibartfast6Slartibartfast6 Posts: 463 Pool Pro
    Inconsiderate, self serving, entitled d-bags that casually saunter along right up the middle of parking lot lanes on the way to or from their cars. I have to fight myself to resist nudging them over a few feet with my front bumper so that I might pull into a parking space.
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