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Profile Picture is not coming up

daleevansdaleevans Posts: 1 New Member
HI everyone! Can some one tell me why my YOME picture is not coming up on the game? Also can you play with a friend that is on a mobile and you on a PC?
Thank you!


  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Secluder.Posts: 3,733 Pool Champion
    The YOME feature is broke at the moment, and im not sure if miniclip has any plans to fix it. They say they know about it, and are going to fix it, but they say a lot of things they dont act on.

    PC and mobile are 2 different platforms, as you know. Unfortunately you cant play cross platform on them.
  • ***The Fugitive****The Fugitive* Posts: 97 Pool Player
    edited June 2017
    Do you think to get a profile mini clip would like us to go through Facebroke. Is that the plan.
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Secluder.Posts: 3,733 Pool Champion
    Couldnt give you an honest answer on that, but if its working through facebook, and still broke on miniclip, then you have to question why is that? A lot of stuff is going downhill fast with the PC version of the game, and miniclip dont seem to be bothered about it. Maybe its coming to an end for PC?
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