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  • yakoub12yakoub12 Posts: 139 Pool Player
    Carl Tales wrote: »
    Yakoub - 1160388833. :)

    i challenged you about 4 hours ago. but you did not accept. you must be sleeping. sorry i took too long. i broke my fast with the fam ate and had fun. by the time i saw your comment it was about 7 hours later. just let me know again here and we will hit it a couple of rounds. :sunglasses:
  • Urban SpacemanUrban Spaceman Posts: 436 Pool Pro
    Why is it Mods are on and of here see a thread and nothing is done about it , then come the next morning and it has gone , they may not have to give a reason for their actions but it would be nice if the would. I refer to a thread by Raoul . Maybe the title needed changed a little :D or else i just can't find it.
  • *Aurora**Aurora* Finally a girl is no one.Posts: 6,347 Pool Forum VIP
    That thread is in the Dumpster.
  • Urban SpacemanUrban Spaceman Posts: 436 Pool Pro
    What a surprise , i wonder why , didn't notice any false accusations in it.
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