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room confirmation before entering

Michael ScottMichael Scott Posts: 1 New Member
I don't know if others are having this problem but I repeatedly find myself entering rooms that I didn't intend to enter. I try to browse over them and sometimes I find myself pulled in and it begins searching for a player. I try to quickly exit out of the app but when I re-enter the app I'm back in the room that I did not intend to enter, it's already collected the fee and the match I didn't intend to play is still on and I'm forced to finish the match. It would be nice if there was a confirmation that you are agreeing to enter a certain room before the app begins to search for an opponent because once it begins searching it's hard to back out of a match.


  • cescobar7cescobar7 Posts: 1 New Member
    Totally agree, that happened to me yesterday. I sent a request and I did get a refund (thankfully), but confirmation would be nice. I suggested that to them, hopefully they follow through and add it in their next update.
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    It's been mentioned quite a few times before... My guess is that they don't want to give you the option - so you end up losing your coins and you go buy some more. But on the other hand you could double your coin balance if you go on to win. >:)
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