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missing pool cash

liam63liam63 Posts: 1 New Member
So I have completed this offer on 8 ball pool for free cash. I was supposed to "upgrade to level 10" on final fantasy xv. Idk if this means player level or citadel. Seeing as you cant "upgrade" your player level i assume it is citadel. So i did the upgrade and i havent received my **** 99 cash. spent hours on doing it and i have already submitted a ticket and provided all the necessary information and i havent received any feedback, response, cash or anything. Right now it seems like miniclip got revenue off tapjoy for me downloading and play that sorry excuse for a game, without me getting my cash. Now what can i do when miniclip doesnt fkn respond.


  • Dalton ModeratorDalton Moderator Forum Moderator Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6,951 mod
    edited June 2017
    Hi @liam63,

    Please allow at least 7 to 10 days for a response. If you feel its been past 10 days, please private message me your ticket number and I'll be happy to pass it along for priority review.

    Best of luck,
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