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facebook,miniclip and 8 ball pool

GroundedGrounded Posts: 1 New Member
edited June 2017 in Help & Feedback
plz plz plz help me one night i was having my guest account i just thought to link my guest account to facebook to get cash i got it i got one cue and i was having a lot of things in it and then i played that night everything was good but during the morning i got a message your account has been dissabled for using fake name :( i was dissapointed i thought now nothing can be done but then i just opened 8 ball pool in my pc and i got access with my id guest account now facebook account grounded brian my pc is **** slow plz do something i know my password but its showing that it is incorrect when logging in or recovering so i can only play on pc on this id grounded,i also want to play on my phone plz do somethingsomething so that i can unlink my facebook or switch to miniclip or again go to guest account
note my facebook was disabled due to fake name
i can use the id on pc not on phone
cannot use recovery bcz it requires current password which i know but it shows password incorrect and cant log in due to incorrect password
when i check my email address it not grounded brian so plz help me i am really very troubled


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