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Jnavarro vs the world!! (PC Players)

JnavarroJnavarro Posts: 213 Pool Pro
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Hi all,

I'm looking for fair players who are interested in playing some fun and competitive matches, and who play with good sportsmanship (bad losers and chat spammers are not welcome). If you're interested, please leave your miniclip name below.

My rules are pretty simple:
1. Normal 8 ball to be played ( i'd like to play 9 ball too.. let me know in case)
2. Matches are at least race to 6, win by 2.
3. Standard cue is a must, or any cue which has 3 bars in all categories (force, aim, spin)..
4. Flukes are allowed.
5. The timer is ignored.

Looking forward to playing all of you :smile:
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