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NEW: Moonlight Festival - Sweepstakes

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Hola, everyone. My plan for this thread is to keep you up to date with the fixes, tweaks and new stuff we are constantly adding to 8 Ball Pool. Please keep in mind that the web and mobile/tablet versions are updated separately, so pay attention to which version I'm talking about!
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    In case you missed it... free chat is coming to 8 Ball Pool.

    It's being beta tested on web at the moment - please see this thread for more information, and leave any questions or comments there.
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    30/06/15 - WEB VERSION

    We just expanded our "free chat" beta to include Jakarta 1v1 now too - check it out.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 276 admin
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    09/07/2015 - ALL VERSIONS

    Ramadan Cue out now!


  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    17/07/2015 - ALL PLATFORMS

    A couple of small tweaks that you should be aware of:

    - The London tier now has a prize of 100 coins, for a 50 coin entry fee
    - Rewards for levelling-up are now consistent across web and mobile: you get 1 Pool Cash every time you level-up

    Finally, the Ramadan cue is only on sale until the end of this weekend, so if you're thinking of picking it up, don't miss out!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited August 2015
    30/07/2015 - WEB

    Gifting is now available on web on Facebook - send and receive gifts to your friends!


    For full information on Gifting, see our blog post which has everything you need to know.

    EDIT: gifting is only available on web if you're playing on Facebook.
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    Hey everyone, a few things to tell you about with today's releases on web and mobile.

    Before that, a little update that we're still investigating the issue that is affecting some users where your stats don't seem to update. Your wins/losses still register in the game's database so as soon as we fix this, your stats will update to the correct figures.

    05/08/2015 - WEB & MOBILE

    - New Bangkok 1v1 tier added to the game - 5m entry fee, 10m prize, call pockets on all shots

    In addition to that, a few platform-specific tweaks:


    - Fixed a bug with your achievements list: some achievements that were visible on mobile, were not visible on web. Now they are.
    - Fixed another bug with achievements: some achievements displayed as a black square, the correct artwork is now in place.


    - All In: the max prize limit has been raised to 20m coins
    - Your win percentage will now show to 1 decimal place as it does on web (eg, instead of 57% you'd now see 57.1%)

    NOTE: Some users may notice a discrepancy between their win percentage on mobile and on web. Again, we're aware of this and hope to have it corrected soon.

  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    A few small things to tell you about today:

    The official Forum Cup Winner trophy is now in the game. Who will be the first to win it?



    A couple of small fixes:
    - The Underdog achievement (awarded for beating a player 3 ranks above you) was not displaying on web. It is now.
    - The London Calling achievement (awarded for winning the London Tournament) was also not displaying on web. It is now.
    - Fixed a problem that was causing video ads to start to load, even with AdBlockers / in Focus Mode. So if you're an ad-blocking kind of person, you won't hit this hitch any more.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 276 admin
    We've got a new feature - the VIP Club! All the info here:
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited October 2015
    Hi all, we just released a workaround for an iOS 9 issue with iPad 3 / iPad 4, where the table displayed incorrectly.

    Unfortunately you will need to uninstall + reinstall the game on your device in order for it to apply.

    Important note - if you play with a Guest account, your account may be lost with an uninstall and we won't be able to recover it. We plan to have a full fix - one that doesn't require a fresh install - released soon.

    Edit: the full fix for this is now out, so you should no longer experience this issue if you have the latest version of the game installed.
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited October 2015
    New on web and mobile - the CRIMSON CUE:

    This is a limited edition cue, on sale for a short time only. Don't miss out!shzekvugvwr3.jpg

    UPDATE - we also just released some new country cues on web - they'll be available on mobile soon!

    They are:

    - Albania Cue
    - Bangladesh Cue
    - Croatia Cue
    - Hungary Cue
    - Sri Lanka Cue
    - Ukraine Cue
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited December 2015
    Hey all, a few things to tell you about as we head towards the holiday season.

    First of all, you probably saw that we have a limited edition Christmas Cue on sale in the game right now. This cue will only be available for a short time, so make sure you pick it up if it's one you like the look of.


    Continuing the holiday theme, I also wanted to let you know about an upcoming promotion on our 8 Ball Pool Facebook page. I know some of you don't use Facebook - please look away now - but if you do have a Facebook account, then we will be giving away some Pool Coins every day for 12 days, starting on Monday 14th December. Keep a close eye on the page and don't miss out - there'll be a bigger reward every single day.

    On web, we have also made a couple of small changes that I'm pleased to tell you about - as they were both suggested and discussed right here on our forum. We shared this feedback with our development team, and I'm happy to say they're now included in the game.

    First of all, your profile page now shows the results of your recent matches - so you can see what your recent form has been like.


    Finally, as you know we recently made a change to web that allowed people to send you challenges while you were playing someone else. This made it consistent with the mobile version, and meant that if you wanted to leave your current game and play a friend, you had a quick-and-easy way to do it.

    However, we saw your feedback, particularly that it could be annoying if lots of people kept challenging you while you were trying to concentrate. So, we thought it best to give you an opt-out - you can now go to settings and prevent anyone from challenging you, while you're in a game.


    Thanks for reading!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    Hey everyone, we just launched a new feature on mobile - Surprise Boxes. Open one up and you'll find some great prizes - coins, spins, and collectible cues that you can't get anywhere else.


    How to get a Surprise Box
    You can find Surprise Boxes in the mini-games section of 8 Ball Pool. You can win them as a prize in Spin & Win, or you can buy them for Pool Cash. Surprise Boxes come in three flavours: silver, gold and diamond, with bigger prizes the higher up you go. For example, a Silver box will contain a piece of a Rare cue, and up to 20,000 coins, but a Diamond one gives you a piece of a Legendary cue, up to 200,000 coins, and more!


    Rare, Epic and Legendary Cues
    Each Surprise Box you open will contain a piece of an exclusive, collectible cue. These are some of the best and most powerful cues in the game – as well as having great stats, they also contain special powers that the cues you’re used to don’t have. Some of them will give you extra XP when you play, helping you level up faster. Some have no recharge cost, so always stay powered up! Others will even give you some coins back if you lose your game.

    Plus, they look sweet.

    The stronger the cue, the more powers it will have: so a Legendary Cue will have more than a Rare one. You need to collect all 4 pieces of the cue in order to unlock it.


    Surprise Boxes are in the game right now, and you never know what you might find in your next one. Good luck and enjoy the new cues!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    20 January 2016 - Level Cap increasing beyond 150

    For the first time in a long time, we are raising the level cap in 8 Ball Pool. Yes, you will now be able to go beyond level 150... way beyond.

    What this also means is that level-up rewards will no longer be capped at 150: players who have hit this level will now be able to progress to level 151 and beyond and continue earning free Pool Cash every time you level up, as well as showing off their increased status in the game. We're already looking forward to seeing who'll be the first to hit level 200...

    Remember that you earn XP simply by playing games of 8 Ball Pool - although you earn more XP for winning than losing, of course. Higher tiers also give out the highest XP rewards.

    We'll be making the change real soon on both web and mobile - so if you're already at level 150 then look for your XP bar to start filling up once again!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited February 2016

    February 15 - Rings

    We're adding something new to 8 Ball Pool in our next update - rings. These are new prizes that let you show off your abilities and accomplishments, for players of all levels and skill.

    What are Rings?
    Rings give players a way to show off the amount of wins they’ve amassed in each individual tier and tournament on 8 Ball Pool. Every tier has its own Ring for you to win – all you need to do is win a certain amount of games in that tier to earn the Ring.

    The Ring will then be displayed in your profile page for all to see. Your best Ring (the highest-value one) will be shown next to your player name during a match!

    You can earn each ring multiple times, with the number also shown on your profile. This is a great way to show how many times you’ve been successful in a certain 1v1 tier or tournament.

    Earn more VIP points
    The first time you earn a ring for each tier or tournament, you’ll get a nice little bonus: some VIP points! Now by earning rings, we’ve added another way to increase your VIP rank and reap those rewards.

    Rings are coming to 8 Ball Pool on mobile very soon, and web soon after.
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited February 2016
    19 February - Rings are now live on iOS and Android!

    Also on mobile, tournaments have been given a makeover with new tables, new cues, and rings of their own. Check them out now!

  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    Today we released two new 1v1 tiers on mobile, Seoul Tower and Mumbai Mahal:


    Make sure you have the latest version of 8 Ball Pool installed. If you still can't see these, try force closing and reopening the app.

    These tiers will also be coming to web in the future.
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    As today is Earth Day, we have three new Earth Cues available now on web and mobile. These cues come in 3 flavours, with different stats for each one.


    These cues will be available for 1 day only! So hurry up if you want to add one (or more) to your collection :)
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited May 2016
    This Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo cue is out now!

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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
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    The new Seoul and Mumbai tiers should be arriving on web in the next couple of days :)

    Update: these tiers are out now on web!
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited May 2016
    8 Ball Pool is turning 5 years old, and we have a big celebration planned for 27-29 May - including a free cue for all players!


    Find out more about it here, and look out for more news about the celebration later this week!

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