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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    The top table is about to get tougher in 8 Ball Pool, with the addition of a new "Cushion Shot on 8 Ball" rule. This is "call pocket" for pros, as you'll need to bank your shot on the black ball off a designated cushion, and into the pocket of your choice. Anyone who's familiar with "indirect" pool, or fancies themselves as a bit of a trickshot superstar, will be right at home.


    This new rule comes in a new tier - Berlin - and will drop on mobile real soon!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited June 2016
    June 7

    Hi all, just to give you a little roundup of a few things that we released for both web and mobile.

    Edit 08/06/2016 - unfortunately we found an issue with the iOS version of this update, so it was not released yet. Hopefully it will be fixed and released very soon, we'll keep you posted.


    There's a new web-exclusive achievement in the game, to celebrate the start of Euro 2016. "Golden Boot France 2016" can be earned by winning 2 games in a row in any tier, in the same play session. This means that if you close the game after 1 win, your "streak" will be reset.

    This achievement can ONLY be earned through games won on web, and will only be available for a short time. If you're a completionist, don't miss it!



    The new Berlin Tier, with new "Cushion Shot" rule, is now live! To win in this tier, you have to call a pocket on the 8 Ball, AND the cushion that you're going to bank the ball off on its way in. Find out more here.


    The Light Cue is back on sale. Ramadan Kareem from 8 Ball Pool :)


    These updates also contain several behind-the-scenes improvements, and fix a number of bugs including the "missing buttons" problem for Guest players.

    Finally, a little reminder that we're often testing out further improvements and new features, which may mean that some players may see the game a little differently to others. As always, when we have more news on new features/items, we'll announce it on here.
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  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    The New York Tournament that some players will have seen already is going to be released for all mobile players later this week. It'll be a time-limited tournament, and we'll have some more details about it for you tomorrow.
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited June 2016
    Hi all, some more information about the upcoming New York Plaza Tournament, from our blog:
    Hey 8 Ballers! We have a brand-new, time-limited tournament hitting 8 Ball Pool on your tablets and mobiles this weekend, and it’s unlike any tournament you’ve played in the game before.

    It’s called the New York Plaza tournament, and it’s only available this weekend! We’ve started the countdown to launch, but at the end of the weekend it’ll be gone, so make sure to check it out while you can.

    Secondly, the format is a little different to what you may be used to with our other tournaments. There are two rounds, with a huge prize at the end for those players who are skilled enough to claim victory.


    For 30,000 Pool Coins, you can enter Round 1 of the tournament. If you win Round 1, you get your 30,000 Coins back, PLUS free entry into Round 2.

    And Round 2 is where the real prize is at. The pot for winning this dwarfs anything we’ve ever had in a tournament before – there’s a massive 1 million Pool Coins for whoever triumphs in this stage (second prize is 100,000 Coins). You can also skip straight to Round 2 with a buy-in of Pool Cash or an in-app purchase.

    The New York Plaza Tournament comes with its own Ring, which you’ll need five Round 2 wins to get. There’s also an exclusive New York Cue for the winner, plus a trophy for all the achievement-hunters out there.

    So get ready to play 8 Ball Pool in New York this weekend! This is your only chance to grab a big prize, plus the Cue, Ring and achievement that goes with it. Best of luck out there on the table!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    Our Christmas In July event just launched in 8 Ball Pool - here's what it means for you.

    New Beachball Cues
    First of all, there’s new set of Cues coming your way, and they're only available during the weekend of 15 – 17th July. The Beachball Cue comes in three flavours – Standard, Advanced and Premium – each with a different design and Force, Aim, Spin and Time stats.

    These are super-exclusive limited edition cues that will only be available to get this weekend, so if you like the look of them, don’t miss out.


    Bigger gifts
    During this weekend, you'll be able to send even bigger gifts than before! Which means, of course, you’ll also be opening bigger amounts of Pool Coins from your friends, too. Be generous with your gifting, it’s Christmas (in July)!

    Invite friends, get 5,000 Pool Coins
    Finally, we want as many players to enjoy this event as possible! That’s why we’re giving you 5,000 Pool Coins for every Facebook friend who accepts your invitation to play the game during the weekend. Yep, every one of your friends that clicks your Facebook request and plays 8 Ball Pool will net you 5,000 Coins.

    Christmas in July is live now in 8 Ball Pool - have a great weekend in the game!

  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin

    WWE and 8 Ball Pool have teamed up for a month-long smackdown of epic proportions! Enjoy a number of special cues based on top WWE Superstars and win big money and an exclusive ring on the new WWE Tournament.

    Starting from today, 8 Ball Pool fans will be able to purchase a special, exclusive WWE cue at one of three levels, as well as six special cues based on WWE Superstars and Legends! Plus, each one of these Superstar cues comes with an accompanying chat pack to use in-game! The six featured Superstars are:
    • John Cena
    • Roman Reigns
    • Sasha Banks
    • The Rock
    • The Undertaker
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    On top of these awesome cues, at set points during the month we'll be opening up the exclusive WWE Tournament! This two-tier tournament has a whopping top prize of one million Pool Coins. Plus, the winner will earn an exclusive WWE ring. The dates that the WWE Tournament will be open around three huge WWE events happening in July and August:
    • WWE Battleground, July 24
    • NXT Takeover Brooklyn, August 20
    • WWE SummerSlam, August 21



  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited August 2016
    We just changed some of the rules for various tiers with regards to guidelines/no-guidelines on mobile.

    Toronto and Dubai now have guidelines, Shanghai is now no-guidelines.

    Enjoy the game :)
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    We've released a new version of 8 Ball Pool on mobile, which adds avatars, new chat phrases, and makes it easier to play with your friends.

    As always, the update may take a little while to reach your mobile's app store - please be patient and don't panic if you see that other players already have it :)

    *WHAT'S NEW*

    AVATARS: Freshen up your look in 8 Ball Pool with new avatars to display on your profile page and during games.

    CHAT PHRASES: New phrases have been added, including the new Emote pack ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    PLAY FRIENDS: Never miss a game: get notified when your friends come online.

    We have also made some other minor improvements under the hood which should make for a smoother game experience.

  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    We released a small update on mobile today (3.7.4) with a couple of improvements to friends features:

    - You can now see when your friends are online. Check the leaderboard or your friends menu, find who’s online (look for the little green circle), or tap the new Friends button on your homescreen.

    - Get notified when your friends log in for a game!

    If you prefer not to use these features, you can also turn them off in the Settings.


  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    edited December 2016
    The festive season is upon us, and we have two big new features launching on mobile today - the LA Championship and Holiday Quests.


    The LA Championship is a new feature where players can join to win loads of Coins. It will be a seasonal competition that will create a pot out of all the entry fees paid by players and distribute it to the best Top 100 players, depending on their final position. However, Los Angeles Championship uses a completely different way to play. Instead of your ranking being based on the number of Coins that you win, the champion will be decided by the amount of Points you earn. You get Points for every game that you win, and a multiplier if you are on a win streak.

    The Championship is live now and ends on Dec 9th - don't miss out!


    Holiday Quests reward you for completing certain missions in the game. Each week will have a different set of missions, and there are prizes to be earned for completing them, including avatars and cues that can't be found in the store.

    Quests will run through December, and there's new prizes every week.

    Happy holidays!
  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    A new way to play Pool is coming to 8 Ball Pool on mobile: 9 ball mode!

    Find out all about it here:

  • OhibeansOhibeans Posts: 762 admin
    Hi all, just a quick update:

    Due to technical reasons, we are unfortunately ending support for Apple devices running on iOS 6. In order to keep playing, please update to iOS 7 or higher.
  • Raquel OliveiraRaquel Oliveira Posts: 1,516 admin
    Hello all!

    As you might have noticed, we had a big update recently!

    We’ve added THIRTY NEW CUES to the Surprise Box collections!

    And that means, thirty more Cues for you to show off your pool skills with!
  • Raquel OliveiraRaquel Oliveira Posts: 1,516 admin
    Halloween 2017 is almost here!

    Participate in our spooky 8 Ball Pool Moonlight Sweepstake over at, and win Exclusive Merchandise!

    Collect awards in Miniclip games to take your chance to win! $5,000+ of prizes are available!!!
    • 1st Prizes - 25 Exclusive 8 Ball Pool Treat bags, loaded with rare merch!
    • 2nd Prizes - 50 x $50 runners up of Pool/ in-game currency
    Collect awards in 12 awesome games!


    The more you play, the more chances you have to win!
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