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battle of the favorite colors!

KitloinKitloin Posts: 2 New Member
I am a forum-er (atelier801, here, etc) and i have encountered several "Battle of the ____" posts. so the rule are simple:

1. (make sure not to miscalculate!) look at the current number and add or subtract according to the color

The color chart is as follows:
Red: +5 points
orange: -5 points
yellow: +10 points
green: -10
blue: +15
purple: -15
black: +20
pink -20
(you get free choice with the next 2)
other1 +25
other2 -25

Note: you can post once every 5 posts. (so if you post, wait 5 posts)

Once the numbers reach 600, red, yellow, blue, black, and other1 win. (start the game back at 0 next round)
if it reaches -600,Orange, green, purple, pink, and other2 win! (start game over at zero)

let me start: 5
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