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League Competition!

SaifianSaifian Posts: 4 New Member
This is insane! I was on The top of my league and Its just finished but I've not received my Credits. The "previous league results" option is saying that I haven't played last week. This is Horrible! A guy was behind me in the league named "Memet" I was about a billion ahead him. I kept on playing till the league's end but haven't received my credits. Please look into this issue! I'm Screwed! Totally Screwed.


  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 5,637 Pool Forum VIP
    edited August 2017
    Hello and welcome to the forum.... :)

    Sorry to hear you are having an one here (neither the mods or admins) can help you at all until you create a ticket with the support team at the zendesk on the link below:

    All account specific issues require you to submit a request there first...without a ticket number from the support team, admins here have no way of researching or escalating your problem.... ;)

    Best of luck .... :)

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