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Reduced Shot Time - 9-Ball

Me-O-U-NotMe-O-U-Not Posts: 9 Pool Player
At random, I have experienced reduced shot time while playing 9-ball. A couple of times, it has happened during my shot at both, the 8 ball and the 9 ball. But it happens more often during the shot on the 9 ball.

In other words, the shot time indicator starts midway through its complete cycle rather than have it go through the entire cycle. And no, I am doubtful that this is a connection problem. Because it goes from the point when I had just potted the previous ball, the pockets, as well as the target ball (the 9 ball in this case) start to flash, and the time indicator is close to being midway or less through its cycle.

Is there a reason for it that I am not aware of? Its quite frustrating to just barely start aiming your last shot only to have your shot cut off because "you ran out of time".... Especially because this hands control over to your opponent with "ball in hand" and worse yet, for what is likely to be the last shot in the game, i.e. very little chance if any for you to recover.


  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 866 Pool Expert
    What you have described is normal. The shot timer reduces for each shot until a player misses. So if you have a good run to the black you may be down to 5 seconds to pot the last ball. This is where the 'Time' cue power can come in handy. Some cues give additional time for all shots up to an extra 10 seconds.

    If an opponent then misses and you return to the table the shot timer resets.

    In 9 Ball the timer I believe reduces more quickly than in standard 8 ball
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