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Mini League for Mobile players

Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,188 Pool Champion
Hey everyone. This is a joint idea by Feetrex and I to create a mini league for mobile players. PC players also welcome of course if you can come over to the dark side for the games needed to be played.

So this is how it can work. Everyone registers to enter and between ourselves we schedule times to play each other. The game format is standard 8 ball pool on the LAS Vegas table. Each game will be a RT5 and the winner to win by Monaco rules - So 2 clear games. Therefore score could end 6:4 7:5 etc.

Any cue can be used

The winner will score 4 points -

There will also be bonus points awarded for denials - But only for the first 3 breaks. So maximum bonus points will be 3. If a denial is made in the 7th game onward then no bonus point is awarded

So winner can score max 7 points and loser can score up to 3

Please let me know who's interested and I will create the table and post all the scores and keep the table up to date


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