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Goodbye to you all



  • Rowunbeat!Rowunbeat! Posts: 1,467 Pool Champion

    She should help I guess, she should know it's your account, given how active you're.
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    edited September 2017
    Thanks Rowunbeat, I PM'd her earlier explaining everything but not heard anything yet. This is the reply I got from miniclip support. I just don't think the understood the problem and haven't replied back to me when asked for further help.......

    Thank you for contacting Miniclip Support.

    It is impossible for anyone to gain access to a Miniclip account, or change its password or email, unless that account is Facebook connected, as account changes can only be done by our Support team.

    If your account is Facebook connected and your Facebook account is compromised, that is not of Miniclip's responsibility.

    Make sure to contact Facebook directly and ask for their help in reset your account's password or email.

    Once changes are applied to your Facebook account, they will automatically be applied to all games you use via Facebook, 8 Ball Pool included.

    Please remember that you are responsible for your account and you should not share the account details with other people. Sharing is against our terms of service and we do not give support to shared accounts.

    Therefore we are unable to help with your request.

    Best regards,

    So if my account could be made Facebook log-in only i feel sure this would resolve the problem? It's only because there is another login method which has been changed.
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 5,688 Pool Forum VIP
    edited September 2017
    Sorry to see you had these difficulties.... @Carl Tales :/

    IMO....all your issues can and will be traceable back to FaceBook....and linking it with your MiniClip account..... FaceBook is way beyond the devil's playground as far as I am is in his living room...... I hate that place.... It is way too easy for people to do evil things there....all kinds of nefarious individuals and groups.....not to mention it is full of idiots, thieves, little kiddies, perverts, trolls, spammers, scabs and anything else that is bad.....there is some good things about it, but IMO, the evil is way more prevalent and pervasive there than anything good........ :s

    I know that when the December 11th, 2012 update came out, the one that introduced both the coins (gag) and ability to link with FB, it automatically linked my accounts, which changed my name, avatar and way to log in.....all without my doing anything...worst birthday I ever had.....took me more than 9 hours to get them unlinked and my yome and game name back.....
    From what I have observed over the years, linking with FB causes way more headaches and heartache than any benefit it may provide....I have seen endless problems with linked accounts.... :*

    Worse decision MiniClip ever made was allowing that link feature....IMO..... ;)

    And as everyone seems to find out eventually....the link allows all parties involved to just say any problems resulting are the responsibility of the 'other' party and not their is an endless and vicious circle with no satisfactory results..... :* ...again, my opinion only.... ;)

    Hope they can resolve the issues to some degree of satisfaction for you.... :)

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  • G11gamingG11gaming Immotional wreck.Posts: 4,085 Pool Champion
    An automated response not what you want when in turmoil. Have you thought about contacting their Swiss HQ with a heart felt hand written letter ( old fashioned I know ) but you never know. :)

    I know this is kinda pipe dreams...

    One of their computer geeks could start you off with a whole new account - obviously from where you left off before that piece of filth stole all your hard work. :*
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    Thanks Sun cheers G11, Appreciate everyone's kind words :) It wasn't an auto response, I just removed the name of the support agent :(
  • The ScobesterThe Scobester Posts: 2,608 Pool Champion
    Hi Carl your account now comes up with johny59aeab95c73, surely miniclip
    can investigate this account holder. :|
  • The ScobesterThe Scobester Posts: 2,608 Pool Champion
    And would you believe it back to johny without id code, come on miniclip,
    checkout that id.
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    I just want to tell as many people as possible in the hope someone can help but I know how this has been done. Not technically Google + I assume but how my name has changed. I have been able to log on to the newly associated miniclip account through my facebook account. I opened FB on PC and opened the miniclip pool app from here and it logged me in to my pool account. So from there I typed in the address bar and it took me to Johnys miniclip account which also has my FB account linked. It shows his ID and everything. So I now know the new miniclip ID associated with my pool account.

    I hope all that makes sense? So bottom line is this guy has been able to transfer my miniclip pool account to his but the FB stays withb the btransfer. So to miniclip support it would look like we both own the account. I am worried he is opening his own ticket to get my FB account removed. Can he even do this?

    This would be such an easy fix if only Support would look at this for me instead of flobbing me off with the message I posted earlier. I have screen shots of my account showing the Uniqie ID and my different FB profile pictures for the past 4 years. If I wanted I can now change the name back to Carl and the profile Pic back to mine. It's all their on his account.

    Can anyone help with fast tracking this back to support please
  • zip11737azip11737a Posts: 1,614 Pool Champion
    Remember that the (square) wheels of MC move very slooooow. The company could at least notice the abrupt loss in coins unrelated to playing and losing them. They have come to my aid in the past. Hopefully their concern for customer relations will prevail and return your coins. Especially since there will be no real financial deficit from their coffers. Keep us posted.
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    edited September 2017
    Hi Zip. There has been no coins used. Only 103 pc has been used. Not sure on what. In fact my account hasn't been played apart from by me but I do get logged out regularly. My big concern is now my account has been moved to another miniclip account which I can prove because I can access the account through bacebook is that these people might try requesting with mc support to remove my fb affiliation. If that happens I would lose access to my account altogether.

    If mc support can change the miniclip ID to one I chose then that would give me my account back but making miniclip understand this is proving to be so difficult.

    Here is the account and I've greyed out some parts as not to breech this forums policy. See my pic and name shows. The drop down display name boxalso shows my name. My name and pic are there because this is the account linked to my fb.

    Surely this is all the proof needed?? I have many screen shots of my account through my playing history showing the unique ID. And of course all you guys know if me and my account. Would be criminal if someone could just take it now I have proved what's happened.

  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    And a huge thanks to Rubio who has helped me find out what's happened. I know some of you will know him. A great player and admin on 8ball pool Ellie fb group.
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Im Flattered, LMAOPosts: 3,219 Pool Champion
    edited September 2017
    Have you got it sorted out yet Carl? Im going to send you a PM here, as putting my idea down on the thread here might not be the best thing to do.
  • UnEquiVocaL EnDUnEquiVocaL EnD Posts: 522 Pool Expert
    Have you had multiple Alt accounts under one IP (taking on all these varying challenges within this forum)?
    May have compromised your login details as a result.
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    Yea I guess I would of used all y alts with same device and IP :( So frustrating and so easy to fix. I have found the new ID that's now being used so just a case of MC supp believing the account is mine and changing the ID back to mine. BUT they wont even open dialogue with me :( I have raised a new case last night also replied to the agent who emailed yesterday with this new info.

    I've spent so much time on this now i'm surprised i've not been fired at work :#
  • UnEquiVocaL EnDUnEquiVocaL EnD Posts: 522 Pool Expert
    If you asked Miniclip to delete all your Alt accounts under your IP address except your main account that is effected you may ok?
  • Carlos TalesCarlos Tales Posts: 1,174 Pool Champion
    I honestly don't think this has anything to do with my alst accounts. This has been done by someone accessing my original miniclip account on PC changing the password then somehow moving the account over to the one shown above. This person then logs in to my pool account with the new miniclip ID again shown above any time he wants. I also have access to his miniclip account through my facebook which is how I was able to confirm the new ID. My original ID doesn't even exist anymore. If miniclip change the ID shown in the screen shot I gave back to one of my email addresses then that will work. I would then have full access to the miniclip part of my pool account and he would lose access.
  • VijayGunnersVijayGunners Posts: 733 Pool Expert
    I wonder how many more accounts this has happened to? This guy clearly knows what he's doing.
  • Rowunbeat!Rowunbeat! Posts: 1,467 Pool Champion
    I doubt it has to do with alt accounts. Then, families that play the game, would be in trouble.
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Im Flattered, LMAOPosts: 3,219 Pool Champion
    Ive got a sneaky feeling that all these "i want to change my password" posts on this site has a lot to do with it. If ya know what i mean?
  • VijayGunnersVijayGunners Posts: 733 Pool Expert
    The picture has changed
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