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About the league

ritikasumanritikasuman Posts: 2 New Member
It is just unfair for me to be in the top of my league n someone in one day some one has cross me while he was not there in the 2 nd place how can he br in the top n in my ne day i was in top with,30M, n suddenly someone has came in top with 67M this is just a cheating from the game i m not happy with it it is just unfair anyhow i will stop playing pool game from now on ward if i dint get a readon for this unfairness league competition


  • Raza Hussain KhanRaza Hussain Khan Posts: 31 Pool Player
    Most of the players transfer coins from one account to another using cheats and play big tiers on the last day, so it is much difficult for the players with low coins to compete with those cheaters. :( even in most of the country leaderboards you will find players from different countries playing and topping others people countries by changing country to lower winnings.
  • yakoubyakoubyakoubyakoub Posts: 755 Pool Expert
    yea it def sucks for you guys. i do that sometimes. i dont open my account till a couple days later. and play for a couple of hours then top the league easily.
  • John DartonJohn Darton Posts: 1 New Member
    That is actually cheating and should be sanctioned by miniclip but they don't really care. Anyway I find it impossible for the player who won 59 games out of 137 to reach level 34 with a total score od nearly 300.000.000. Why doesn't miniclip sanction those players with impossible stats?
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