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El Patron2000El Patron2000 Posts: 2 New Member
how i can change my country ???


  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 5,689 Pool Forum VIP
    edited September 2017
    Hello and welcome to the forum..... :)

    You used to be able to change your country from the MiniClip home page.....but I am not really sure about whether that feature still works or desire to do it myself...and have seen conflicting posts about whether you still can....

    When you are on the Miniclip Home, you will see the option for changing flag in the top right corner as seen in the image below:


    However, on my end anyway, clicking on it gets the pull down window below:


    Not even an English option..... :D ....

    Clicking the "More' button at bottom opens this window:


    Lol...same options in different layout...and still sans English as an option ... and nothing new...
    I do not want to change mine, nor do I want to know what happens if I click a different luck, it would change everything on my account to that language and I will never get back in..... :D
    So you are on your own from there as to what happens.... ;)

    None of that should be taken as an "official" response since I am just a fellow player and forum member.... :*

    Good Luck.... :)

  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 5,689 Pool Forum VIP
    edited September 2017
    Oh yeah....forgot to mention...the above material is of course in the PC version and when signed in through the MiniClip url.......So it may not apply to mobile version or on PC when logged in through FaceBook........I am lead to believe that options are different from those...but no idea since I do not use either.... ;)

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