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Latest update killed my game / winnings /etc...Beware!

cakes1cakes1 Posts: 22 Pool Player
I posted on here a while back about getting a warning message...

Well the other day I topped that. I had over 3000 cash in the game and like the look of getting some new cues, so bit the bullet and updated...

Bought loads of legendary boxes, of which two refused to open, locking up the game. Had to quit the game and try again, losing both boxes, hey ho.

Anyway, thought nothing of it, managed to get a few new cues and closed the game down.

Now I'm a creature of habit, I only play about an half hour per day, usually same time each evening...

So fires up the game to be greeted with a final warning saying I've been cheating!!! nice!

Then without looking goes to fire up a game to be prompted to buy coins!!!!

...Had over 2 billion coins after playing for several years and spending hundreds of pounds on pool cash etc.

Coins have gone down to 2 million'ish and my weekly winnings which were about 70 million, gone, as if I'd not played this week.

Used to love this game. No one made me shell out loads of money on it, but what a con it's turned out to be, gutted.

No point in playing as account could be banned at any second, a sick joke.

Anyway, purely a warning to others, as all of this literally happened after the update, I never even got to play a game, lol.

And, yes, I did report all of this to miniclip support, in 3 separate reports, as to start with I thought it was one thing, then when I looked other things had happened.

And no, my facebook account has not been hacked....This was the first reply from MC, literally a copy and paste job for them, telling me to look after my FB account (shudders)

Obviously, I doubt I will get anywhere, as have made several reports to them in the past and never get a proper answer.

....The thing is, it must be so simple for them to see what went wrong with my account, as it all happening in such a short time. Ho hum, live and learn. :-(


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