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missing coins

Janae DeeneyJanae Deeney Posts: 4 New Member
can I get help with getting my coins back. I have one account do not transfer coins and received a warning about doing it. Now my 1,900,000,000+ coins is 18,000.

Please help.


  • Moe W.Moe W. Posts: 183 Pool Pro
    did you share your passwd with anyone even trusted one. , i think your coins was stolen by a hacker or someone logged in your account and transfer all your coins to his account. And maybe that why you got the warning msg.
  • Janae DeeneyJanae Deeney Posts: 4 New Member
    yea I thought that too but no I did not share it just thought someone may have hacked my account,
  • COOLOCKERCOOLOCKER Michael Collins.Posts: 3,224 Pool Champion
    edited October 2017
    Usually when you recieve a warning, that warning does not mention the fact that transferring coins is the issue. If it does mention transfering coins, then its the first time i have ever seen or heard of it. The warning is usaully about using nefarious (spelling?) tactics to gain an advantage.

    So....for a person to come onto the forum and state that they do not transfer coins, pleading innocence about it, is a bit dubious for me.

    I may be wrong, but im sure there must be an answer to it. If you think you are innocent of these circumstances, then please follow through with your query. Otherwise, if (and only if) you are guilty, then why bother on an ofifcial forum?.

    Please wait for a response, as im sure there will be plenty.
  • Janae DeeneyJanae Deeney Posts: 4 New Member
    The warning said transfer coins. I have one account and I play regular games for 50mil.

    I did buy every cue that night so maybe the computer thought that was suspicious.

    I jus want my 1.9bil coins back. I have done nothing wrong.
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 822 Pool Expert
    Definitely support ticket route and stand your ground (still doesn't mean JUSTICE will prevail). The forum isn't the proper avenue to get it rolling unfortunately. I do hope you are found in the right and rightfully returned your missing coins/items. Good luck
  • Keviin SoKhuteKeviin SoKhute Posts: 1 New Member
    MY Account Glitched & I Lost Close Enough To 2.5M & My Current Balance Right Now Is 3500 How Can I Get It Back
    I Didn't Lost My Coins Nor Was It Stolen
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