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Coins payout at end of round....

David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 236 Pool Pro
edited October 11 in Help & Feedback
Not sure what's going on. but i paid close attention 3 rounds in a row after noticing it. I think i inadvertently suspected last night because my coin counts were seeming off after rounds but wasn't in frame of mind to investigate, lol. this morning however, in Tokyo, a 2500 entry and 5000 payout (really, just 2500, and your coins back, lol). I noticed it was going up only by like 1000 or just over at end of rounds. I checked my 34 level opponent's cue, and it was Algeria cue i think, no special powers, no payback...... i'm using Ming cue RARE, which gives 45% XP bonus only, as i'm 9/10 of that collection but not sure why coins accumulation isn't calculating correctly. Is anyone else seeing this or experiencing it before i go whining in a ticket about fake money? (it IS the principle of it though, i no longer get daily bonus emails for coins so what i make is what i have....and it's not paying out right).
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