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VIP Cue and Avatar on Non Black Diamond VIP

George SweeperGeorge Sweeper Posts: 72 admin
edited October 2017 in News
"A few months ago, we noticed that several players had gained an access to the content that is exclusive to VIP Black Diamond players only.

We have, very carefully studied this behaviour, identified all the players who accessed those contents. With accordance to the Miniclip policies, we will remove VIP Cue and Mighty Koh Avatar from all accounts that haven’t reached necessary VIP Rank.

Miniclip takes these matters very seriously, any and all actions of Exploiting, Cheating or Hacking have consequences and are acted upon.

With this case in particular, we will give almost to all players, who participated, a second chance. However, all those accounts will be monitored and ANY future suspicious behaviour will lead to a Balance Suspension and/or a Permanent Account Ban.

We strongly urge you to read our Terms and Conditions

“You may be banned or have your account suspended or terminated if we think that you have not followed the Rules or if we believe in our sole discretion that you have behaved inappropriately whilst using our Services. In addition, if we believe you have engaged in cheating then we may remove any applicable Miniclip Coins from your account.”

When you use any means to gain advantage against your opponents or exploit the game disrupting its normal course, you are ruining the game experience for all other players and that is something we, at Miniclip, will not stand for.

Miniclip would also very much like to thank everyone that has reported this or other similar issues to us through the appropriate channels. We are very glad to see our community grow and help us make 8 Ball Pool a continuously top of the charts game!"

From our Knowledge Base

We would also like to thank the people on the forum that reported this issue either by PM or via our Customer Support platform. This would have not have been fixed if it were not for our users.
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