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When will miniclip answer my ticket?

I created a ticket 13 days ago and still have not gotten a response. I am missing cash from an offer to get your Citadel to lvl 10. My citadel is now lvl 11 and still havnt gotten my 158 cash...


  • Moe W.Moe W. Posts: 158 Pool Pro
    They will answer your ticket after 15 days to 20 days from the date you created the ticket.

    Let's go back to your important issue which is cash .. you want your cash from MC ? dream on.

    Have a good time and i wish you get your cash. LOL
  • AmericanWhiteAmericanWhite Posts: 126 Pool Pro
    Good luck, I got ticket created over a YEAR ago that was never responded to,
    Customer service at its best!!!
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