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18-Days and Waiting on Support Request! - Is this typical?



  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    hence what i meant. Thanks AlisaNTonik for proving my words about the few who ARE active on here, being helpful when they take notice of these things :smile: kudos to good support team!
  • Jack CrosleyJack Crosley Posts: 77 Pool Player
    edited January 1
    Well that took a little longer than I anticipated... ONLY 2 1/2 months! Geez...
    However I can't blame MC on this one.
    Comcast/infinity, my IP, bumped up the level of security on my home wifi network.

    If it hadn't been for the assistance of Carl Tales, I'd still be dead in the water.

    Anyway, it's good to be back chatting and playing!

    Cheers & Happy New Year!
  • Dalton ModeratorDalton Moderator Forum Moderator Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6,951 mod
    Glad to hear everything was able to be resolved! :)
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