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hey i want a complain about this game. when i'm playing a table 50K i face to my opponent nick mahasa (lvl36) from trinidad and tobago (photo with his face on a magazine and wear black glass). when i put the ball and the ball in the hole.. it's amazing he did me like i don't put my ball in. idk how can he do it. i found a rarity when i hit the first ball. my ball is not on position (after i'm hit my ball) but my ball stay in the first position (before i'm hit my ball). please is that a bug or cheat ? i loss my 50k coins. who will To be responsible about this case. i forget to Screenshoot his profile cause i'm so fvck off when i saw all my ball when i put in out again.

i know development have a recorder about everyone playing this game, so please watch my record against him, and i'll tell you my profile on message please help me. I don't care about i loss my 50k coins, i don't care win or loss in this game. but i want a justice so no casualties like me.


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