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Singapore Dragon Tournament

GbGb Posts: 2 New Member
Hi Guys ! for about few weeks Singapore Dragon Tournament no working anymore for me , all the time just crash( loadind one sec and take me out from game).I need two more win to get the ring but no chance.any solution
I was tried to add a link but I am not alowed


  • GbGb Posts: 2 New Member
    I don't understant... nobody answer here!I spend alot of money for this game and they don't give a ........ from miniclip . better to delete the game
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 815 Pool Expert
    Wish i could help you man, don't HAVE a good answer for it. If it's ONLY on one tier as you're saying it makes no sense. If it were every tier i'd think maybe a plugin issue but you should probably consult support through a support ticket for this issue. It will still be a wait for an answer but probably a lot quicker than from in here. @Raquel @George Sweeper @Monica Gulati @Tyler Dalehite
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