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Critique on boxes / Safety shots Bug

throwaway123throwaway123 Posts: 4 New Member
1. Boxes

As a high stakes 9ball player I find it a bit disappointing that I can only get boxes for beginner level cues at the 9ball tables, even if I play for 10 million. Why are you trying to shift the players towards 8ball? 9ball is more interesting than 8ball for a lot of advanced players.

2. Bug at Safety Shots

A bug I notice very often is that the game tells me I made a foul for not touching the border after the first contact when playing a safety shot. This happens when the cue ball and the object ball are extremely close to the border and I'm just trying to make the object ball touch the border slightly in order to play a safety. Even though the object ball touches the border clearly (even bounces back slighty) the game tells me I made a foul.
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