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Why does the mouse sometimes not respond?

Dave BurgessDave Burgess Posts: 8 New Member
Sometimes when playing on PC, the mouse just responds like it has cerebral palsy or something, so I lose my turn because it won't stop jumping about no matter how I position/move the mouse it doesn't want to go to the aim I need...


  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    Have you tried adjusting the mouse sensitivity, so it's very low - just right for pool. :)
  • Dave BurgessDave Burgess Posts: 8 New Member
    G11gaming wrote: »
    Have you tried adjusting the mouse sensitivity, so it's very low - just right for pool. :)

    Do you mean the PC sensitivity or is there somewhere in-game to turn it down?
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,355 Pool Forum VIP
    edited January 7
    Hello and belated welcome to the forum...... :)

    I believe G11 means on your PC....under mouse properties....there is no adjustment in the game for it that I knw of..... ;)

    There is also another possibility.....

    As I am sure you may have noticed, when moving the cursor around to do aiming, the further away from the cue ball (and object ball) it is, your control gets finer and smoother......however, at times, and especially on the new version, if your cursor goes outside of the table area, the control stops completely and you cannot aim.....also, there are certain areas on the game screen that if your cursor gets too close to will cause the aim function to the spin control cue ball and player names....that may be an issue as well....

    @Dave Burgess - I just made this video to show you what I mean.....and luckily, since it does not always happen on the old PC version, the aim stopped working when the cursor goes off the game play area this time as you can see in the fact, my guess would be that it probably always does, I am just so used to it that have never this helps explain it better:

    Good luck.... :)

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