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#&#&&&&##&#&&&&# Posts: 1 New Member
hello iam new member of miniclip actually i made this acc in bit unthinking manner i did't think i would use it
but now am play 8 ball pool but i have one problem as u can see my name makes no sense its just random which
i wrote my name it would be great if anyone could help me to change my name to


it would be great help thx ! :)


  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,355 Pool Forum VIP
    edited January 7
    Hello and welcome to the forum..... :)

    I am just a fellow player and forum member, so this is not an official response.... ;)

    But I believe there are only two legitimate ways to change your user name on an account any more.... :*

    1. Linking your MiniClip account with FaceBook and using your FB profile name on the game...
    2. Submitting a request to the Help Center explaining in detail why you want the change to the link below.....if the reason is valid in their eyes, MiniClip can make the change.... :|

    Best of luck..... :)

  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 851 Pool Expert
    not true, they'll try to pass it off and say "well strange things can happen when mixing facebook, and google, and miniclip"..........even though they were the ones who encourage you (with annoying popups in game main screen) to merge the accounts....
  • Dalton ModeratorDalton Moderator Forum Moderator Los Angeles, CAPosts: 6,951 mod
    Hi @#&#&&&&#,

    Sunidhifan gave you the best advice. Alternatively, you can also create another account but know that your stats will not carry over.

    Unfortunately changing your name isn't a request we'll be able to help you with on the forum, but if you open a new support ticket this may be something they can help with, but honestly not entirely sure if thats something they do.

    Best of luck!
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