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Losing COINS after winning

AaronXG1AaronXG1 Posts: 4 New Member
1100 down to 235 even though I've won like 90% of my matches.


  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    What cue are you using?
  • AaronXG1AaronXG1 Posts: 4 New Member
  • G11gamingG11gaming Rock out :BPosts: 4,555 Pool Champion
    The oak cue has a 600 coin recharge that could be something to do with your loss.
  • AaronXG1AaronXG1 Posts: 4 New Member
    It did it twice the cue doesn't drain that much in such little time. it went from 1100 to 600 to 230 in the span of 10 or so games.
  • AaronXG1AaronXG1 Posts: 4 New Member
    besides the numbers dont add up if the recharge is 600
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,355 Pool Forum VIP
    edited January 7
    Hello and welcome to the forum..... :)

    I am just a fellow player and forum member, so this not anything official.... ;)

    There are many factors to take into consideration here.....and we would need more info to figure it out....

    1. The cues are set to default of auto-recharge for your 'convenience'....and you have the Oak cue with it's 600 every 50 shots, it will deduct that fee automatically for if you average 10 shots per game, every 5 games it would deduct the 600 coins (gag) fee.....ten games would = 1200 in recharge fees....
    2. It depends on which tiers you are playing....For instance, if all your games are in Sydney Bar, you would add 100 after every win and subtract 100 for every loss...then have to figure out the win/loss rate and total coins (gag) gained/lost over a given set of games ...then figure in the recharge fees to get the net win/loss amounts........ ;)
    3. There has been a glitch known to have occurred in the past...but supposedly fixed....with winnings not being credited....if this is a possibility for you after doing all the math, then you would have to submit a request to the Help Center for them to take a look at your account at the link below:

    Be sure to provide as much info as possible on the ticket, including any supporting screen shots you may have to back it up..... ;)

    Best of luck.... :)

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