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On switching to new 8-Ball Pool for PC

GlaranGlaran Posts: 9 Pool Player
For me I am thrilled to see the PC version get some love, however I have just one small issue that is preventing me from switching. Besides needing to add back in a "Focus Mode", I am unable to use the arrow keys to control my spin without the window the game is being played in also scrolling and essentially making the game unplayable this way. I find it too cumbersome to manually using the mouse choose spin especially when making a last minute adjustment, this is not a problem when I play using the old version.

Anyone else who uses the arrow keys for spin having difficulties? What else is keeping you from switching to the newer version?


  • christhecueballchristhecueball Posts: 465 Pool Pro
    pretty much everything, it has nothing i dont find elsewhere much better! but im a purist, i only wanna play, and the gameplay is average there at best! not even the 9b is tempting the way it is, its designed to be a game of pure luck (but thats everywhere the same lol)!
  • SunidhifanSunidhifan Earthbound....Posts: 6,355 Pool Forum VIP
    edited January 7
    Hello and welcome to the forum..... :)

    There has been some discussion on the issue of arrow keys functions on the new version.....some can be found here:

    I personally have not switched since I love the old physics and functionality that I have seen.....the new one was too glitchy and cumbersome/clunky to use when I tried it back in beta.....and the physics are I will just stick with the old version until Adobe Flash dies completely...or till they put more effort into the coding on the HTML5 version......from reports I have read about, emulation of Flash abilities in HTML5 is definitely feasible and doable, but requires far more coding and most companies (including MiniClip) are skimping on it and not taking full advantage of the new abilities in it..... ;)

  • GlaranGlaran Posts: 9 Pool Player
    Very good, thank you!
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