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Reembolso por Tacos Lendários ( Reimbursement for Legendary Tacos)

Rauer DuarteRauer Duarte Posts: 2 New Member
Olá, tenho 13 tacos lendários, sinalizando um total de 78% de reembolso, porém quando perco somente reembolsa 58%. Porque?

(Hello, I have 13 legendary tacos, signaling a total of 78% reimbursement, but when I lose only reimburses 58%. Because?)


  • whalersailorwhalersailor Posts: 29 Pool Player
    The promise is a payback of "up to ****" percent. I have all 20 and get anywhere from 50 to 100 percent. I have had a ticket at MC for two months requesting an explanation of how the actual percentage is calculated. If I ever get an answer I will post it.
  • Rauer DuarteRauer Duarte Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you, let's wait then.
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 709 Pool Expert
    I had some legendary tacos day before yesterday....shoooey, blew through me like a november nor'easter and was gone but i ain't asking for reimbursement. Heck, never been so satisfied with a food turn around in my life :D
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