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Feedback: new cue recharge costs

Jeroen BeckJeroen Beck Posts: 4 New Member
i have picked up playing 8 ball pool on my phone and i saw something new, the reward boxes. (i haven't played it al long time on my phone because of a lack of space)
i have now collected the carbon fiber cue en i can level it up to level 2. but i want to know what the recharge costs are if i am going to level it up.

i made the mistake once at the classic cue. i thought the recharge cost where the same after i leveled it up and now the recharge cost are 695 coins more. and i was so happy with the 20 coins recharge.

so, is it possible that there will be a box next to the recharge box withe the new price of recharging. or if that 's not possible that you can find it at the info box


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