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New Banned Account Policy

George SweeperGeorge Sweeper Posts: 71 admin
Hello forum dwellers,

There has been a slight change to our banned account policies but with note worthy implications.

You can read the full article if you follow this link - - but here is the important bit:

I made purchases, is there anything you can do?

As a goodwill gesture we exceptionally offer to credit purchases of Non Consumable Items* made in the last 6 months in the banned account into a new account (created in the past 3 days).

*Non consumable items are all items that cannot be used over time such as Cues and Avatars. in game Currency, Surprise and Victory Boxes, as well as Minigames, and by extension their contents, are considered consumable items and will not be credited.

If you have any questions, ask away and I'll try to reply to everyone.
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