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Missing coins & cash

Chris ClarkChris Clark Posts: 2 New Member
Hi, so I was waiting for an opponent in the Singapore tournament final, my opponent appeared but we didnt play, I was awarded the win, but I received no coins, not even 10000 for losing the game. I have emailed support but did not get a reply.

Missing cash, I completed the offer Konami Slots level 15 for 29 cash. I completed it, but did not receive the cash. I put in a support ticket with a screenshot, but did not get a reply. Now the offer has been removed from my Not Rewarded list, and it does not appear in the offer wall either. I have emailed a few times with no reply.


  • Chris ClarkChris Clark Posts: 2 New Member
  • TolobaToloba Posts: 7 New Member
    please my account was hacked and the hacker changed my name and login details but i was able to login through facebook and i changed my name but i have been trying to change the email attached to my account but i was unable to... how do i do this pls, he"s been stealing my coins .. he stole 10m today and i think He's from INDIA and the email is PLS
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