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Victory box question

WilburWilbur Posts: 93 Pool Player
Got a question. :) lol

Has anyone ever got the Black hole and Galaxy cue opening the victory boxes?? I have gotten 3 for the black hole cue but the last one seems lost!!! ;)

Never got a Galaxy cue piece. Seems like i have opened a 100s of the victory boxes (Mumbai and Berlin boxes) :)

Not that i need it. Just would like to get it. :)



  • !Murray!Murray Posts: 51 Pool Player
    I haven’t opened any galaxy cue pieces. If you want the black hole cue, just buy it for coins on PC. I still have no pieces of the shark cue also :/
  • Future XFuture X Posts: 35 New Member
    i want to know too
  • odlllboodlllbo Posts: 222 Pool Pro
    Yea I've gotten 4 pieces of the black hole cue, tho I already owned it so I don't know if that changes the odds.

    No pieces of the galaxy cue yet. Funny enough I just got the last 2 pieces of the shark cue about 10 mins ago from a gold Mumbai box so don't lose hope Murray :D

    I'm curious if paying cash for the boxes helps your odds of getting galaxy pieces. I have a feeling it might.
  • WilburWilbur Posts: 93 Pool Player
    thanks for the responses. :smile:

  • VijayGunnersVijayGunners Posts: 729 Pool Expert
    I haven’t got any Galaxy cue pieces and I already owned the Black Hole cue, I did get an upgrade for the Black Hole from these boxes.
  • WilburWilbur Posts: 93 Pool Player
    edited March 5
    Well I finally got the Black Hole cue! I guess all you have to do is open a sheeeeet load of victory boxes!! Lol
    I guess now I will have to work on the galaxy cue :-)

    Really not sure why, other than to have it.
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 815 Pool Expert
    Have some questions about these also. Is there a thread with an "official list" of which tables give you the victory boxes that will upgrade the victory cues you've already won? I see under victory tab which tables to play to get specific cues but if you already have won them and don't remember which table it would one know, if they wanted to focus on earning victory boxes that increase chances of upgrades to that cue? I did a thread search but wasn't coming up with much. Thanks in advance.
  • !Murray!Murray Posts: 51 Pool Player
    you can click on the information button on a table selection screen to see :)
  • David RohrerDavid Rohrer Posts: 815 Pool Expert
    LOL wow, imagine that. I hadn't looked at info button of tables in quite some time. Thanks Murray
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