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What happens to my account after i reported a Cheater on the game?

LexTheJokerLexTheJoker Posts: 2 New Member
I was playing someone who was cheating he was picking up my ball everytime it was my turn and his guide lines was big, at first I just thought he had a really good cue but really he had a standard cue with the longest lines I've ever seen, I'm not gonna lie after I lost I did challenge him again and lost 3 times trying to win some of my coins back. I came off the game and went back on it to log in then it wouldn't let me log back in anymore it said I've been flagged or suspended, I've sent a mailed a cheater report and got a reply saying thank you and the developers are looking into the player but what happens after that do I even get my account back ? It's already been 2 days and nothing malied back since?


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